promo codes

  • Send GBP Above 500 and Use Code "GBP 500" and Get GBP 5 Discount
  • Send GBP Above 1000 and Use Code "GBP 1000" and Get GBP 10 Discount
  • Send GBP Above 1500 and Use Code "GBP 1500" and Get GBP 15 Discount
  • Send GBP Above 2000 and Use Code "GBP 2000" and Get GBP 20 Discount

Remaining Days for this promotion


CASH discount

Send Remit

For Every Remittance
of Minimum Gbp 500 get a cash discount

Muncha Money has initiated a campaign for each and every remittance of minimum GBP 500 and above  you send till February 28, 2023, sender will receive CASH DISCOUNT but the beneficiary gets the full amount. 

Request Remit

Ask your Friends & Family
To Send you Remittance

When you request remit from Nepal, your sender will receive a CASH Discount of GBP 5, 10,15 and 20 in  accordance to remittance sent to Nepal.

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Amount

To qualify for this campaign the minimum amount has to be GBP 500 (Great Britian Pound five hundred only)

Cash Discount Amount

For every transaction of GBP 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000, cash discount of GBP 5, 10, 15 and 20 will be provided repectively

Promo Code

to be valid for Cash Discount, Promo code "GBP 500" , "GBP 1000" , "GBP 1500" and "GBP 2000" should be used during the transaction in accordance to the total amount sending as remittance or else, sender won't get discount.

Timeframe of this campaign

This campaign is only till February 28, 2023

One Transaction Per Sender

Only one transaction per sender will be given this Cash Back during this time and no other promotions or coupons would be entertained with this promotional campaign.


The Cash discount will be deducted during the transaction, the cash discount amount will be deducted from the total sending amount that is being withdrawn from your bank account or card.

What happens when I do not enter the Promocode when I initiate the transaction?

If you do not enter the Promocode "GBP 500" , "GBP 1000" , "GBP 1500" and "GBP 2000" , you will not receive this deduction. We will not be able to provide you the benefit after the transaction is made. This is all done from our software so no human intervention is required.