Golden Reward

Remaining Days for this Promotion

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For Every Total Remittance Of USD 2000
Get one golden coin

For each remittance of USD 2000 or more you send till October 30, 2022, your beneficiary will receive a 24K GOLD PLATED SOUVENIR COIN for each USD 2,000.

Request Remit

Ask your Friends & Family
To Send you Remittance

When you request remit from Nepal, you will receive a 24K GOLD PLATED SOUVENIR COIN for each USD 2,000 (or equivalent) remittance you receive

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Amount

Each transaction that is over USD 2000 qualifies for this FREE GIFT and multiple coins can also be gotten if the remittance amount is more.

Golden Reward (24K Gold Plated Souvenie Coin)

Total transaction of USD 2000 equals to one Golden Coin. If customer has total transaction of USD 6000, beneficiary will receive total 3 Golden Coins.

Timeframe of this campaign

This campaign is only till October 30, 2022

Remittance from anywhere in the world

Any one can send remittance to Nepal which will be converted to USD and be rewarded with the Golden Coin.


Third Party partner will be helping us to deliver and courier in every corner of the country and a delivery receipt will also be provided back to you as proof of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the delivery going to be done?

We have outsourced all our delivery to a third-party delivery company who will pick up the Golden Coin packets from our office and will deliver it to the beneficiary. Since we only have the name and the phone number of the beneficiary, we will call the beneficiary to get the full delivery address. The Delivery person will call before making the deliveries and upon delivery will take a picture of the delivery as well as the signature on the delivery receipt. Both these documents will be uploaded, and an SMS will be sent to both Sender and Beneficiary as proof of delivery which can be seen from the unique link we sent in the SMS.

Can I receive multiple Golden Coins?

For every USD 2,000 we will provide one FREE Golden Coin. This means if the remittance is of USD 10,000 we will give 5 (five) FREE Golden Coins to the beneficiary.

Is this real gold?

No this is not real gold. This is 24K Gold Plated on metal and is given as souvenir for the prosperity and well-being of our beneficiaries during the festival season to make it more golden.

What is the total weight of the gold in this coin?

Since this Golden Coin is not real gold, the weight of the gold in this coin does not matter. However, this Golden Coin is 24K Gold Plated.

What can I use this Golden Coin for?

During this festival season, there are many opportunities for us to share our happiness and joy with our friends and family. During Dashain this can be a wonderful gift to give during Tika. During Raksha Bandan it will make an excellent golden gift to your sister. Similarly in Bhai Tika as well. Of course during Laxmi Puja you might want to save this Golden Coin by offering it to Goddess Laxmi to make you prosperous and keeping it in your safe. We are sure you will find lots of other uses of these Golden Coins to share the happiness and joy to your loved ones during this festive season and make it more glittery.

What is the resale value of this Golden Coin?

Since it is clearly labelled in the packaging that this is a souvenir and has no resale value but rather an emotional and sentimental value of the wishes of prosperity that your friend/family has sent along with the remittance to the beneficiary.

Till when is the offer valid for?

This offer is valid for all the remittances that is sent in our system by the midnight Nepal time of the night of October 30, 2022.

I want more Golden Coins as a Beneficiary. How can I be proactive in getting more Golden Coins?

We have a service called REQUEST REMIT. This is a service which can be availed by people in Nepal to request their friends/family overseas to send them remittances. The person in Nepal fills up their bank details and also the amount they want to receive. This request is sent as an SMS to the Sender who can either accept, deny or change the amount. They do not have to enter the beneficiary details anymore but only the sending bank/card details. If they have already done so in the past in our system, they can send the remittance in one click.
This REQUEST REMIT service can be done from both our website as well as our Phone app in Android and iOS. 

Is this offer valid to all the countries that can send remittances from?

This offer is valid for all countries and currencies but the base calculation is done at USD 2,000 for each FREE Golden Coin and its equivalent calculated in the date of sending.

I do not want this Golden Coin. Can I get cash rebate instead or cash discount?

We cannot offer you a cash discount or a rebate in lieu of this Golden Coin. However, kindly do contact our Customer Support team in case you want us to donate your Golden Coin to a charity organization of orphans rather than to give it to your beneficiary. We will send you more details of this charity if you wish to do so.

I do not want to give this to the beneficiary. Can I as a sender receive it?

No, the delivery of this can only be done in Nepal and not outside of Nepal.

I am a sender. I want to send the remittance to a different person and the Gold Coin to a different person. Is this possible?

We cannot send this to another person and this is solely to the beneficiary only. However, if you do not wish to give it to the Beneficiary, you can opt to donate it to a charity organization of orphans. Kindly contact our customer support team who would be happy to assist you to do so.

I have to send USD 3,900. Can my beneficiary get 2 Golden Coins for this remittance?

No. This is calculated by our system and will be done for each remittance and the amount cannot be rolled over to the next remittance.

I have sent USD 3,900 in the past. I can send USD 2,100 and receive 3 Golden Coins?

No. This is calculated by our system and will be done for each remittance and the amount cannot be rolled over to the next remittance.

How long will it take for the Golden Coin to be delivered?

Normally we say 2-3 weeks but if there are some act of gods that creates hindrances on the delivery it might take longer. We will keep you posted.

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