Consumer Authorization for Direct Payment via ACH
(ACH Debits)

Direct Payment via ACH is the transfer of funds from a consumer account for the purpose of making a payment.

I (we) authorize Sila Money (“COMPANY”) to electronically debit my (our) account (and, if necessary, electronically credit my (our) account to correct erroneous debits) as follows:

The Checking Account(s) and / or Savings Account(s) nominated and communicated to the COMPANY via the service operated by Plaid Inc. and / or its subsidiaries from time to time.

Amount of debit(s) or method of determining amount of debit(s):

The amount of the debit shall be equivalent to the amount of any international payment, including fees and other charges, initiated by me (us) with the COMPANY .

Date(s) and/or frequency of debit(s): Debits will be made when I (we) initiate an international payment with the COMPANY .

I (we) understand that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until I (we) notify COMPANY in writing that I (we) wish to revoke this authorization. I (we) understand that COMPANY requires at least one week from receipt of notice in order to cancel this authorization. COMPANY reserves the right to assess a fee of $25 per item returned for non-sufficient funds.